Welcome to the campaign homepage for Blades of Balance, an original 5E story.

Even though we’re not finished with the previous campaign (seriously no rush), I’m starting up this page to get ideas rolling for the upcoming one!

A little metagame/organization information:

0) 5E D&D, 5th thru 10th level

1) The plot of this campaign will involve searching for a cycle of powerful magic swords before a malevolent force gains them for dark ends.

Rules-wise, I see them as “magically-balanced” longswords, with both the finesse and versatile qualities. I suggest keeping this in mind while creating characters. Not to say that everyone has to or even should be tweaked-out two-weapon fighters, but perhaps stay open to a race, multiclass down the road, or some other combination where you could conceivably swing a sword…

2) Please start kicking around character concepts among us all!

If your character background creates a new part of the world – place, organization, or god, definitely share!

I see this as a standard fantasy (Forgotten Realms and/or Greyhawk) setting.

I don’t care what race or class you are.

You can make up a Background for your character, as long as it is of similar power level to the ones listed in the PHB. The key is to make it something you’ll actually play up.

You’ll start as a team of 5th level adventurers saved the town of Mahali when you undertook the quest to clear the local goblinoid camp that had harassed and raided them for years. You were offered haven and residence, becoming respected citizens of the town. Though you commandeered a sizable hoard of gold from the goblins, it has been nine months of quiet, with little in the way of adventure or leads of serious work.
How have you spent your time? Who do you associate with in town? Where do you (each? all?) live?

Starting party gear:
lots of gold, but not “build a castle” gold
any mundane weapons and armor
any mundane non-consumable adventuring gear or tools
10 healing potions
3 greater healing potions
1 oil of daylight

If you have any non-weapon magic items or consumable scrolls/potions you want, or that you feel your character concept needs to function, let me know and we’ll see. But probably only consumables for now.

Blades of Balance

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