Religion: Revered Ancestors of the Bahram Hegemony

The most common religion of the citizens of the Bahram Hegemony and its satellite states is a form of ancestor worship. Each family maintains a small shrine in their home, containing the names of their ancestors, and icons or figurines of the more significant ones. Different families have varying definitions of what makes an ancestor significant; some value great warriors, others wise councillors or skilled crafters. As such, the majority of worship and spiritual life is centered on the home, so there are no true churches in the Hegemony.

In recent decades, the High Councillors of the Hegemony have been promulgating shared reverence for the ancestors of the Dariush family, who have provided the last six High Councillors. Generally, these ancestors have been presented as an alternative source of guidance and protection for those families whose ancestors are unknown, or who have no ancestors with expertise in a certain area. This practice has proven popular among the common people of the Hegemony, and collective shrines to major Dariush ancestors have arisen in many communities.

Notable Dariush ancestors include:

  • Anahita the Wise, also known as Grandmother
  • Firuzeh Ever-Victorious, also known as the Great General
  • Jahan the Traveler
  • Parviz, also known as the Fox
  • Rahim the Merciful, also known as the First Healer
  • Roshni the Shining Star
  • Shahin the Navigator

While families still maintain their own shrines, in the heart of the Hegemony the Dariush family ancestors have become the main focus of spirituality. Each has a holy day which is celebrated with parades, feasts, and contests suited to that ancestor’s area of influence. The Dariush ancestors are rapidly becoming the state religion of the Hegemony.

Religion: Revered Ancestors of the Bahram Hegemony

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