Cooper's Landing


Founded by an enterprising barrel-maker to salvage the many barrels that washed ashore following the great storm of 107, Cooper’s Landing is a town of tough, scrappy frontiersmen carving a slice of civilization out of the wilderness. The village is rebuilding after suffering periodic goblinoid raids.

The folk who live in the town proper practice a variety of crafts and industries. The sawmill employs a good portion of the population, and the fine hardwood lumber it churns out supply wainwrights, cabinet makers, and carpenters. The surrounding farms provide a variety of agricultural goods, and the region is famous for the particularly zesty onions it produces. Relatively sparse pasturage encourages ranchers to raise goats and hardy sheep rather than cattle and horses. Cooper’s Landing does not have a larger leather working or weaving industry, so most of the hides and wool go to merchants who visit the city every few months to carry goods back to the cities of the east. The goat and sheep milk is made into a variety of rich cheeses that are popular in the nearby city of Anvil, promoting frequent trade between the dwarves of that city and Cooper’s Landing. Ironically, there is no longer any barrel making in Cooper’s Landing, such goods being imported from Anvil.

Cooper’s Landing is loosely governed by a Council of the Wise, a half-dozen respected citizens who take their seats based on general acclaim. Other than mediating dealings with merchants and overseeing periodic collections to pay for civic improvements and city employees. The small militia is comprised of volunteers who receive some basic equipment and a modest stipend for their days of service. The militia has been decimated by the recent goblin attacks, and the remaining members are relatively green and untried.

Locations of interest include the Mouse and Magpie, Cooper’s Landing’s only inn; the House of the Pantheon, ably administered by Pastor Willem Belmont; Crumpet’s Fine Metalworks, operated by Old Crumpet Sparkle; and Ragnhilda’s Dairy, the source of some of the region’s finest cheeses.

Cooper's Landing

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